Temporary Car Tag in Dallas, Texas

Temporary vehicle tags are issued in Texas for several reasons. Auto dealers issue temporary tags to car buyers and on vehicles for sale on their lots. Temporary tags are issued to trucks bringing freight in or out of the state. Temporary car tags are issued by local tax offices to drivers who don’t have a title for the car they are driving. In 2010, the state established an online database to track all temporary tags. More than 400,000 temporary tags are issued annually in Texas.

Go to the county tax office. In Dallas County, the main tax office is at 300 Elm St. in Dallas and the tax office also has nine branch locations. A title or proof of ownership is not required to apply for temporary tags in Texas.

Present proof of insurance. The minimum liability insurance required in Texas is $25,000 for bodily injury to a single person, $50,000 for bodily injury to all persons in an accident and $25,000 for property damage. Applicants for both temporary and permanent vehicle tags in Texas must meet these minimum insurance requirements.

Pay the $25 fee. A temporary tag is valid for 30 days and another tag may be obtained by again paying the monthly fee. The new state database alerts officials when three or more temporary tags are issued to the same vehicle. Dallas County does not require any forms to be filled out when applying for temporary tags.

Display the temporary tag in the rear window of the car. The law requires that the cardboard temporary tags must be displayed in the rear window and that they are clearly visible. Dealer-supplied temporary tags are displayed in the same location as permanent license plates.

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